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During my ongoing run as an independent designer I've built professional relationships and friendships with various entrepreneurs. This page presents a small overview of the people I choose to work with.

Aki Ackerman
A seasoned veteran in sustainable business and organizational consultancy. Excellent and dependable in what he does. His smile and postive energy are infectious to even the most cynical people like myself.

Tom Perkins
Business developer, entrepreneur and Oxford dictionary's living inspiration for the definition of 'extrovert'. He's also the conceiver of Rotterdam's favourite Tom's Chicken: a "curious" chickenburger topped with cranberry sauce.

Anca Mateescu and Horia Lazureanu
A designer power couple. They are open, friendly, inquisitive, artistic, critical and damn good in whatever they choose to do. Stay around them long enough and you'll notice a distinct hint of something that can only be described as Moldavian-cynicism.

Albertien Perdok
An expert in analysis of complex matters and finding solutions instead of offering just problem definitions. Her experiences in Africa turned her into an amazing coach, teacher and superheroine-esque defender of social justice.

Camille de Luca-Schwartz
The French Machine. The Linking Pin between specialists. Builder of Trust and Mutual Understanding. Tri-Lingual Wonder. Future Environmental Minister of two lucky European nations that as of yet stilll have to be informed about it.

Merel Segers
Talented professional in analysis and communication on anything related to sustainability and education. The most selfless person I know on this planet besides my aggerated imaginary self.

Jochem Gugelot and Joost Sluijter
A brilliant combination of design and programming skills. Whatever "online idea" you might have these guys can help you out or know of someone who can. They also play awefully weird music in their studio.

Monica Velesco
City Designer, Food Urbanist and Creative Thinker. She's devoted to shaping the way we own the city through design, eduction and practice. Her Bolivian roots bring unexpected insights to any project, plus maybe some delicious food.

Anna Hermsen
Environmental coordinator and facilitator of dialogue. Being the only one who has worked with the European Space Agency makes her the coolest person on the list (myself included) by a long shot.

Natascha "Nash" Schuiling
Office manager extraordinaire. Takes care of everybody around her like a mother. Nash will make sure you brush your teeth, eat your veggies and excell in doing whatever you do. I once built a wall in her garden for composting bad thoughts, vibes and weeds.