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'In our digital age we navigate unfamiliar places by staring down at a screen instead of using our eyes, minds and hearts. What are we so afraid of? Is it the thought of being lost, or having to interact with the unknown?'

Get Lost was part of the open call for posters of the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014. The GDFB was interested to find out how designers and artists perceive their role in the rise of social-media, the 'maker revolution' and the financial crisis. The poster was selected, together with those of 49 other participants, from 2000+ entries in total.

In 2016 Get Lost was shortlisted by the Graphic Design Festival Scotland from roughly 3500 posters and presented during the run of the festival.

Get Lost poster by Max Senden, Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014, Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2016, Maps, Navigation, Exploration, Dependency, Lost, Found, Unknown, Unfamiliar, Scared, Fear, Fright

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