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Early 2015 IKEA approached Except Integrated Sustainability to develop a data driven dashboard to collect data on the IKEA catalogue's sustainability performance for internal usage.

As an associate of Except my part was to design the UI and UX of the dashboard while keeping in constant communication with the project managers, developers and our contacts at IKEA. The overload of information (i.e. the data on sustainability performances) uploaded by paper and print suppliers to the dashboard has been simplified and compressed into an easy to navigate interface. This enables those responsible at IKEA to quickly analyse the suppliers' performance data in one consistent format without having to go through overly complicated Excel sheets or messy Word documents.

We also added an element of gamification to the dashboard; by performing well the suppliers can earn badges. The purpose of these is to encourage the suppliers to keep on improving their sustainability rating in return for (potentially) more and bigger orders from IKEA.

The screenshots on this page showcase an anonymized version of the supplier's dashboard. Details have been left out for reasons of security and privacy. For more in depth information on the dashboard and read about it in IKEA's "own words" check out this article on 2degrees.

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selection of badges from the dashboard, IKEA

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