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'Mix & Yuyu' is a collection of WeChat emoji stickers. The series is inspired by moments (taken out of context) from the daily life of Max, his Chinese girlfriend and their two cats Luna and Longhupee.

Curious about the rest of the series? Then download all 24 stickers for free on WeChat from Sunday the 21st of May 2017 onwards. On the bottom of this page you'll find a QR code directing you to the download page.

Mix, Yuyu, Luna and Longhupee all together

Mix and Yuyu flying

Pacman Yuyu

Yuyu hugging Mix

Mix and Yuyu going for a run

Interested, excited and intrigued

Yuyu riding Luna the battlecat

Yuyu happy jump

Sexy Yuyu in Chinese outfit

Mix pouring in his beloved morning coffee

Sexy Mix as a playboy

Pew pew pew, Mix shooting his imaginary guns

Chisled Mix, photomodel, vanity, ego

QR Code directing to Mix & Yuyu's download page on WeChat

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