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Identity development and the design of a series of interactive reports, books, posters and templates for the 'Waterplan Almere' initiated by the Municipality of Almere and Waterschap Zuiderzeeland. The plan features a future vision (i.e. policy) for the city of Almere on various topics related to arguably their most valuable commodity: water.

The relationship between Almere and its water is a rather complex one. Besides the joy, tourism, biodiversity and wealth it brings, it also brings along the every day risk of floods, pollution and diseases (just to name a few). But no matter the potential dangers the people of Almere love their water.

Therefore we decided to represent this multi-layered love in the identity of the Waterplan. The colours we selected give the broadest possible colour spectrum that water can have. From a nightly serene dark purple to a muddy brown you wouldn't want to drink. Their exact meaning is left open to interpretation of the beholder.

This page shows a couple of impressions of the implementation of the identity throughout the various products we designed. Should you be interested to learn more about the project and the design behind it don't hesitate to contact me.

Max Senden, Waterplan Almere logo.

Max Senden, Waterplan Almere tablet interactive report impression

Waterplan Almere, book design impression

Waterplan Almere, book design impression

Waterplan Almere, book design impression

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