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Waterplan Almere, Zuiderzeeland, Stadsstromen, Identity, development, reports, books, ontwerp, design, colours, kleuren, water, logo, typography, open source, bitter, DIN, presentations, templates, interactive, data, visualizations, infographics, maps, cross sections, section, home, city, neighbourhood, streets, river, floods, sea, Flevoland, mapping, interaction, hyperlinks, vision, policy, future

Mix, Yuyu, Longhupee, Luna, emoji, emoticons, WeChat, animated, gifs, animation, expression, silly, happy, love, couple, out of context, moments, daily life, cat, bear, bunny, rabbit, teddy, kitten, fun, joy, playful, drawn, illustration

Urban Smart, Link, connection, partner, Camille, logo, identity, website, proposal, contact, business, cards, urban, environment, sustainable, nature, city, life, daily, transport, stakeholder

Dutch Shamanism, Shaman, Max Senden, graphic design, surrealism, geometrical, book, zine, Chile, Chileans, spanish, english, riso, risoprint, risography

Open Set, Irina Shapiro, Moment, Stage, Memory, Experience, Workshop, Dutch Design, tutors, teachers, graphic design, art, UX, UI, user, beholder, participant, visitors, Rotterdam, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industry, Creative Industries Fund NL, summer, school, summerschool, academy, sponsored, Witte de With Kwartier, Germa Roos, WDW centre, Rotterdam, 2015, edition, meme, memes, abbreviations, lol, rofl, YOLO, advertisement, adverts, commercial, consumerism, consume

STRAATTAAL, workshop, street, square, bricks, pavement, creation, creative, surface, pattern, symbols, icons, community, message, communicate, voice, people, interaction, identity, personality, represent, representation, fun, simple, joy, together, play, game, friends, friendship, playful, laugh, laughter, simplicity, map, mapping, interact, gamification, city, municipality, urban, intervention

Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014, poster, Max Senden, google, maps, dependency, get, lost, wanderer, travel

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