Portfolio: Dutch Shamanism

Project description

Dutch Shamanism is a collection of drawings which I made for my trip to Chile. By giving something to the friends I would make along the way I didn't only want to say 'thank you', but also give them an insight into a far away land and the mind of a designer who doesn't quite fit in over there.

The drawings are inspired by the Dutch obsessive need for order and my personal desire for chaos. These two polar opposites manifest themselves throughout two of my passions: nature and spiritualism. Yet, these passions of mine are barely noticeable in the 21st century Dutch landscape. But if you know how and where to look, you just might find some traces of them.

Only 50 copies of Dutch Shamanism have been made. All of them have been stencilprinted, cut and bound by hand.

Many thanks for Grafisch Atelier Minnight for letting me use their A3 GR 3770 riso stencilprinter and even more thanks to my good Chilean friend Sergio Pereira Venegas for the translation from Dutch and English into Spanish. Without you Google Translate and my lack of understanding of the Spanish language would have destroyed the essence of my book.

The Book

Front cover

Front cover of the Dutch Shamanism book. Showing the title and a square that goes ever deeper into itself.
The front cover of Dutch Shamanism

Introduction & Concept

Introduction to Dutch Shamanism and its concept.
Spread showing the first page of the book. An introduction to Dutch Shamanism and its concept.

Illustration / Foundation

Illustration. Blank left page. On the right page a simplified roman pillar. A symbol of a time when the civilized world met its barbaric and tribal neighbours.
Illustration: An abstract Roman pillar.

Illustration / The Dance

Illustration. On the left page: squares and circles layered on top of each other. On the right page: a dance between two organisms.
Spread showing several illustrations. On the left page overlapping squares and circles. On the right page a ritualized dance.

Illustration / Ordered Chaos

Illustration: A garbled mess at first sight, yet with hints of structure, logic and reasoning behind it.
Illustration: Ordered Chaos

Illustration / Contrast

Illustration. A spread showing a moment of travelling through the spirit world.
Illustration: Travelling through the Spirit World.

Illustration / Waves

Illustration. A spread showing blue and red circles growing bigger and smaller depending on your interpretation.
Illustration: Back and Forth. Over and over again. The neverending waves.

Illustration / Perspective

Illustration. On the left page: A blue square with red circles on top, and a childlike toy. On the right page: two circles meeting each other head on. Yet not colliding or merging with one another.
Illustration: Perspective.

Illustration / Rebirth

Illustration. On the left page: a window with six pannels showing the Moon from various angels. On the right page: an intertwinement of circles, not much unlike a snailhouse, symbolizing rebirth.
Illustration: Rebirth.


Final page of Dutch Shamanism. Colophon and special thanks to all those that helped in its realization.
Final page of Dutch Shamanism. Colophon and special thanks to all those that helped in its realization.